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Paragraph on Climate Change

Climate Change Paragraph in 200 words

Climate change is the change in the Earth’s atmosphere including changes in temperature, wind patterns and precipitation. Currently, climate change has become a major global concern. Climate change has many causes. The main reason for the increase in temperature is the emission of carbon gas into our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is emitted in several ways. First, modern humans are increasingly emitting hot gases into the atmosphere. Factories, railway engines, buses, cars etc. burn fossil fuels and emit carbon gas. It is well known that climate change has a very bad effect on our environment. These changes are causing massive melting of polar ice caps and rising sea levels. In addition, climate change will reduce crop production and severely reduce people’s ability to work. Most affected by climate change are low-lying countries that may be submerged by rising sea levels. Clearly, climate change is a major threat to Bangladesh as Bangladesh is a low-lying country and may one day go underwater due to rising sea levels. It is true that in today’s world we cannot prevent climate change, but we certainly can. Minimize change by taking some steps. By reducing the use of fossil fuels we can reduce carbon gas emissions. We can make people aware of the catastrophic effects of climate change and motivate them to act accordingly.

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Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. It is a problem that does not target any particular group but will affect the entire mankind. It affects people living below the country’s poverty line the most. Global warming is considered one of the main causes of climate change. Global warming refers to an increase in global temperature due to various factors. As the developed countries are constantly producing tons of greenhouse gases, it is damaging the nature very quickly. But developing or underdeveloped countries have to suffer the effects of climate change first. Global warming will cause various natural disasters like floods, cyclones, droughts and take thousands of lives. Since the world’s poor have no protection against them, they will suffer the most. Moreover, with rising temperatures, the polar ice packs will also melt, which is extremely dangerous for people living in coastal areas. Studies have shown that if the average temperature increases by 2 degrees Celsius, the sea level will rise by 1 meter. Thousands of people living in coastal areas have been forced to leave their homes. As the southern part of the country is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh is also at risk of being affected by climate change. With the industrial revolution, millions of factories were set up and they were emitting chemicals that were extremely harmful to the environment. If they don’t take proper measures to prevent this, it will be a short time before the planet’s atmosphere is damaged. Even the excessive use of motor vehicles causes carbon emissions which harm the environment greatly. Even as world leaders discuss reducing global carbon emissions, we should be aware of the impending danger. Our government should take proper steps to save green and plantation can play an important role in fighting climate change. Also, factories must follow safety regulations so that no harmful chemicals can enter nature without treatment. In this way, we will be able to create a world that will be healthier and safer for our future generations. It is our duty to save our planet from the adverse effects of climate change and we should act now.