JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between two friends on first day at school

There is a dialogue between two friends on first day at school.

(Rohit and Sopnil are best friends since childhood. They were neighbours. They joined different schools this year)

Rohit   : Hey Sopnil! what’s up?

Sopnil  : Hi Rohit! How was you first day in your school?

Rohit   : It was good. I enjoyed it. I made two new friends today. By the way, How was your


Sopnil  : oh man! It was just a bad day!

Rohit   : Why? What happened?

Sopnil  : From where shall I start? I woke up today at 8 o’clock and was late to school. I was

punished for that and no one spoke with me the whole day!

Rohit   : Are you for real? Oh god! I wish we were in the same school.

Sopnil  : yeah…..

Rohit   : Sopnil… My mom is calling me. I have to go.

Sopnil  : Okay. So, meet you tomorrow?

Rohit   : Sure! See you soon. Bye.

Sopnil  : Bye Rohit.